Women in AI Time

Tuesday (September 1) morning we are organizing Women in Artificial Intelligence (WAI) TIME to create a great opportunity for the young folk to meet the senior folk, and for the senior folk to meet the young and to share each other’s experiences.

WAI TIME is a great opportunity for women researchers to meet and interact with each other during an online interactive session. This event will give the chance for women researchers to network in order to create new opportunities for collaborations and mentorship, which will be valuable to their careers. On the other hand, this event will allow academic women to join WAI association as mentors, trainers and role models, allowing them to contribute in empowering the women in AI community and working on their leadership skills.

Contact: WAI-chairs@ecai2020.eu

September 01

Women in AI Time

The program of the event will include a presentation of the latest statistics about women in academia and AI, experiences sharing among participants, and a discussion on how to increase female representation and participation in AI. WAI TIME is open to all academics present at the ECAI conference regardless of their gender. We especially encourage male participants who wish to support Women in AI to join us. This will represent the opportunity to each of them to share experiences and join forces to empower Women.