PAIS – IOS Press

IOS Press has published the ECAI2020 proceedings Open Access in the e-book series “Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence & Applications” (FAIA Vol.325). The volume includes the papers accepted for ECAI main conference (full papers and highlights) and the 10th International Conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS). This series is indexed in all major databases.

All papers in published format (IOS Press).

2.Equal Pay for Equal Competences: A Statistical Approach to Address Equal Pay Gap.Andra Anoaica, Ahmed Ben Hassine and Léa A. Deleris
4.KnowledgeCheckR: Intelligent Techniques for Counteracting Forgetting.Martin Stettinger, Alexander Felfernig, Ingo Pribik, Trang Tran, Ralph Samer, Muesluem Atas, Manfred Wundara and Gerhard Leitner
6.Intelligent Recommendation & Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering.Ralph Samer, Martin Stettinger, Alexander Felfernig, Xavier Franch and Andreas Falkner
11.FishNet: A Unified Embedding for Salmon Recognition.Bjørn Magnus Mathisen, Kerstin Bach, Håkon Måløy, Espen Meidell and Edvard Schreiner Sjøblom
15.Cross-Border Medical Research using Multi-Layered and Distributed Knowledge.Gabor Bella, Liz Elliot, Subhashis Das, Stephen Pavis, Ettore Turra, David Robertson and Fausto Giunchiglia
22.Actual Causality Canvas: A General Framework for Explanation-based Socio-Technical Constructs.Amjad Ibrahim, Tobias Klesel, Ehsan Zibaei, Severin Kacianka and Alexander Pretschner
24.Point-Of-Interest Semantic Tag Completion in a Global Crowdsourced Search-and-Discovery Database.Nikolaos Lagos, Salah Ait-Mokhtar and Ioan Calapodescu
28.Entropy-based adaptive exploit-explore coefficient for Monte-Carlo path planning.Ana Raquel Carmo, Jean-Alexis Delamer, Yoko Watanabe, Rodrigo Ventura and Caroline Ponzoni Carvalho Chanel
29.Deep neural networks applied to NILM: is data augmentation worth for energy disaggregation?Aurelien Delfosse and Georges Hebrail
36.ASP-based Signal Plan Adjustments for Traffic Flow Optimization.Patrik Schneider, Thomas Eiter, Andreas Falkner and Peter Schüller
39.Remaining Useful Life Curve Prediction of Rolling Bearings under Defect Progression Based on Hierarchical Bayesian Regression.Masashi Kitai, Yoshinobu Akamatsu, Ryoji Tani, Hiroki Fujiwara, Masayuki Numao and Ken-Ichi Fukui
40.Machine Learning for Gas and Oil Exploration.Vito Alexander Nordloh, Anna Roubickova and Nicholas Brown