September 03, 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm (CEST)


  • Yuan-Fang Li and Yong-Bin Kang. Towards Meta-reasoning for Ontologies: A Roadmap
  • Graham Wilcock and Kristiina Jokinen. ERICA, WikiTalk and WikiListen: Towards listening robots that can join in conversations with topically relevant contributions
  • Shahi Dost, Luciano Serafini, Marco Rospocher, Lamberto Ballan and Alessandro Sperduti. On Visual-Textual-Knowledge Entity Linking
  • Weilai Xu, Fred Charles, Charlie Hargood, Feng Tian and Wen Tang. Influence of Personality-based Features for Dialogue Generation in Computational Narratives
  • Tobias Mayer. Enriching Language Models with Semantics
  • Richard Benjamins. Towards organizational guidelines for the responsible use of AI
  • Tanya Braun and Ralf Möller. Lifting Queries for Lifted Inference
  • Bianca Granato and Nicole Li-Jessen. Sensitivity analysis for dimensionality reduction in agent-based modeling