Meeting with an EurAI Fellow

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Description of the event:

The “Meeting with an EurAI Fellow” is an informal meeting of a small group of PhD. students with an EurAI Fellow. This meeting will be devoted to talk about: 1) the research field of the Fellow, in relation with the PhD. interests; and 2) the research career from its most general point of view, given the experience of the Fellow.

This event will take place on August 31 (Monday), September 2 and 3 (Wednesday and Thursday), 9-10:15h (CEST).

Important dates

28 July 2020Deadline for expression of interest
5 August 2020Full application deadline
21 August 2020Notification accept or reject

Application details

Expressions of interest should be submitted by signing-up on the “Meeting with an EurAI Fellow” at After notification, the full application should be completed, by submitting (as a single PDF file) the following information:

  1. A short curriculum vitae (2 pages) with background (name, university), education (degree sought, year/status in degree, previous degrees), employment, and relevant experience in research (publications, presentations, conferences attended, etc.).
  2. A personal statement (1 page) describing your research interests, that will be used to assign you to the right Fellow.
  3. A paragraph answering the following questions:
    • Have you submitted a paper to the main ECAI 2020 conference and/or an ECAI 2020 workshop?
    • Was such paper accepted?

Please, send a single PDF with your full application, by email to (Subject: “Meeting with an EurAI Fellow”). In case you are already enrolled in the Doctoral Consortium, then just send us an email with a brief personal statement, explaining why you should be accepted for taking part in this activity.

Contact and updates

Any questions about the Meeting with a Fellow should be directed to the Chairs:

Pedro Larrañaga (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid)

Manuel Fernández Delgado (CiTIUS, USC)