ECAI2020 includes a vibrant program of five distinguished plenary speakers, who are world-wide known leading researchers in its respective fields. This includes, in order of appearance:

Stuart Russell, who will speak speak about the most recent and expected developments in Artificial Intelligence and how some of them are enormously positive, while others may have a negative impact.

Luc De Raedt, who will speak about one of the current challenges in contemporary AI research: how to integrate learning and reasoning, two paradigms which have been studied for decades.

Carme Torres, who will speak about Assistive Artificial Intelligence and their immense possibilities to improve healthcare and assistance in daily living

Sylvie Thiébaux, who will explain the crucial role played by AI on the CONSORT project, by coordinating consumer-owned energy systems and the electricity network in the context of electricity produced by consumers.

Moshe Vardi, who will speak about 60 years of research in the area of temporal synthesis and its success and failures specification in its objective of helping to guarantee the development of correct finite-state designs.