VRIBUS is a new virtual training technology for the effective processing and management of emotional challenges.Both pesonal and professional that combines advance Neuroscience techniques with an advance Artificial intelligence and mixed reality. Awareness of our achievements, our mental and even physical health, are dependant on our attitude towards life’s challenges. There are as many unwanted challenges, habits, and patterns of behavior as there are people in the world. But there are no solutions included outside the clinical scope and available to everyone. VRIBUS trains us to skillfully manage our emotional challenges. A fundamental training that, paradoxically, we do not receive in schools, universities or companies, and that we miss throughout our lives. It is result of the fusion between Neuroscience and New Technologies, it has passed an extensive period of experimentation, led by a team of psychologists, scientists, engineers and experts in cognitive neuroscience. This development has enabled us to create protocols for transforming mental patterns, which achieve rapid and effective changes in our reaction to challenging contexts. This all has made VRIBUS technology possible, tools that disrupt old neural associations, preventing an unwanted automatic response from being triggered.

Company URL: https://vribus.com/

Exhibition URL: https://fundingbox.com/spaces/ecai-2020-lab2market-on-line-introduce-yourself/5f3e5fc7f9a7a75c28f307ec