Remote Human LLC

Remote Human is a startup from Serbia that works on robot production. We integrate virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) into custom robots (mobile robots, humanoids, etc.). Our main costumes are coming from educational, medical, and entertainment sectors and we are focused on the B2B market. Our main technology „VR robot avatar“ represents protocol for communication over the VR system using video streaming and remote control over the connected robot (humanoid, tank, robot hand, etc.) in real-time. One of our products that use „VR robot avatar“ technology is the „Smart Bobby” education programmable tank robot developed for students interested in modern technology and future trends.The main revenue channel is robot unit sales. We sell robots per unit and with price offers for different robot classes and business support to all customers is one of our main revenue channels. Business support includes teaching material for students, marketing strategy for user acquisition, and technical support. What made this project special is a collaboration with the two biggest schools (course group Electrotechnics) in Serbia.

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