plus10 GmbH is a Fraunhofer Hightech-Spinoff and offers continuously learning optimization tools for complex manufacturing lines leading to 5-15% OEE increase. To do so we currently offer 2 products including connectivity and installation / hosting services: Our tool Shannon® continuously learns relationships between detected productivity losses, most-likely root-causes and solutions eliminating or mitigating the losses. The result is prioritized and communicated in real-time to the responsible machine or maintenance operator or even the machine controller (PLC) directly. The system is ready-to-run after 1 week of data-collection but keeps on learning beyond the first week during production. Furthermore, our second AI-tool Darwin reduces bottleneck cycle time by 6-10% by learning a virtual ideal process of several connected machines. Darwin is currently implemented in the field of injection molding and optimizes continuously the dynamics of machines by suggesting parameter adjustments.

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