Paul Lukowicz

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and HumanE-AI Network ICT-48 Research and Innovation Action

EU Challenges Panel 2: Paul Lukowicz

September 03 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm (CEST)

The program of EU investment in Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural (ELSEC) AI is coordinated in guidelines and recommendations; neither are legally binding for member countries. 

The EU puts a clear emphasis on human-centric and ELSEC AI, which supports the claim that it sees itself as a leader in these areas, are these claims true? How will AI research be able to create a positive impact in Europe? Due to the growing global investment in AI, how brain drain and talent creation affect the future of European Research in AI? How will AI research be organized to tackle events like the COVID19 pandemic? How will AI research be interacting with other EU initiatives like the Digital Hubs or the PPPs?