Firas Lethaus

Director of Machine Learning Volkswagen Group

Firas Lethaus is the Director of Machine Learning for the Volkswagen Group, and works in the largest global Volkswagen Group IT Lab, the Data:Lab Munich, where he also heads the Deep Learning Expert Center. Firas has a background in machine learning and development of autonomous driving systems in the Volkswagen Group, including in the automated driving division of Audi. He is responsible for the development of strategic and practical applications of AI within the Volkswagen Group, and is currently developing the case for and role of explainable AI (XAI) in the whole group.

At the frontier of AI Application: balancing technology push and application pull

September 03 11:45 am - 1:00 pm (CEST)

The pace at which AI theory is being delivered to application has accelerated in the last decade, creating some impressive value in some areas (e.g., health and legal informatics, manufacturing, supply chain management), but raising warning flags about trust and ethics.

Both the promise and the challenges are evident in the application of AI to automotives and automated autonomous systems, especially in the choice of technologies, tradeoffs in where intelligence is required (i.e., the autonomous system or the infrastructure), and the emerging role of explainable AI, both in improving the transparency, trust, and robustness of systems, and in informing social systems and regulators about how to confirm their safety.

We try to highlight salient aspects of these challenges, and provide some context for helping to manage the translation of AI theory to application.